Diversify your portfolio with fractional real estate ownership

With fractional real estate ownership, you can invest money into several properties. This is possible because you become one of the owners of the property, due to which you have to pay money. Even the risks associated with investments are largely reduced with this form of ownership. On the other hand, the possibilities of getting more profits are increased.

Whenever you purchase a property, you have to pay extra costs like renovation, property outfitting, and furnishing. But, with fractional ownership, all these costs can be saved. Even the time and hassles of outfitting the property are saved. This type of benefit is rarely offered by any form of real estate investment.

After purchasing the property, the owners have to take care of costs like repairs insurance, maintenance, and property tax. Some investors even hire property managers to take care of these operations. If you have a fractional ownership of the property, you will have to pay a minimal amount to maintain the property or for tax-related expenses.

And, the best part is that you don’t have to handle the tenants. Everything is taken care of by the trust. Due to all these advantages, fractional ownership related to real estate is gaining popularity. We, being one of the most trusted 1031 exchange companies, help you acquire fractional real estate ownership through DST investments.

With DST investments, you can enjoy all the benefits we have discussed above, along with the ability to defer taxes on capital gains through 1031 exchange.

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